Spray Finishing

Spray Finishing

A Fantastic Modern Approach To Painting 

The world of spray painting can feel new and confusing to customers (and decorators) in the UK. But it's been used effectively worldwide for decades. It is now beginning to take hold in the UK as people start to understand its many benefits.

We regularly work with the traditional methods and were trained as such on brush and rollers. However, keen to stay at the forefront of the trade's technological advancements, we have ensured that we know how to produce a world-class spray finish when either the client or we decide it is appropriate.

The advantages of spraying

  • Quicker turn around times
  • Savings on labour costs
  • An unparalleled level of factory finish, unachievable by traditional decorating

When is spray painting recommended?

Why replace or buy new furniture when we can offer a refinishing service that will be cheaper than new items and leave a finish that is of a higher quality and more durable than the original. Let us take your furniture to our purpose-built workshop and return them hassle-free and totally renewed. However, this is just one instance where we believe spray painting is the best option; it is also ideal for:

  • The renovation and modernisation of kitchen cabinets and other items of furniture
  • Any interior surface that requires the highest end-finish possible
  • Large exterior jobs where high volume spraying can reduce labour costs such as painting exterior roughcast or large amounts of fencing.

It's not just paint we spray either. We can offer a full turnkey service from plastering to finish, all through spraying. See Airless Plastering for more information on this.

During our initial conversations with you, we will thoroughly explain the spray method, why we feel it is appropriate and what that means for you. You can also have peace of mind knowing you've considered all the best options for any work you have, and that the job in expert hands.

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