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Hanging wallpaper to the highest level is almost a trade in itself, above and beyond the decorating trade's regular demands. At Craig Campbell Decorating, we have experience hanging everything from standard shop bought papers, luxury boutique designer rolls, murals and almost everything in between. No matter what style you have and the design you're aiming for, we'll help you achieve it.

While it may seem a simple task, wallpapering can be challenging. This is especially the case when using patterns that repeat, working with irregularly shaped rooms and navigating light switches, doors and windows while ensuring no excess paper or air bubbles for a smooth finish.

Preparation, Hanging And An Expert Touch

While the result of a wallpapering job will reflect the decorator's skill, great paper hanging is also reliant on having great foundations.

As a part of our full-service approach, when assessing a papering job for quotation, we will inform the client of the preparation work required and the plan set out to ensure the finish is of the highest standard. This is where we stand apart from the competition, DIY wallpapering, and the 'odd job' types that many rely on.

Depending on the rolls of paper being used, preparing a wall for wallpapering will include:

  • The thorough preparation of the substrates
  • The application of specialist primers
  • The hanging of lining paper
  • The application of protective coatings after the wallpaper is in place.

Choose Your Design, And We Will Handle The Rest

There is no need to worry about having the right equipment for us to use; just tell us what paper you want and which room to work on, and we will take care of the rest.

Coming equipped with the tools of the trade, everything from spirit levels to seam rollers, we'll remove wallpaper, prepare the walls and have your new choice up in no time. We pride ourselves on never completing a job until it is one we'd be happy to have in our own homes. To help achieve this, we use only the best materials and tools while relying on thorough planning, preparation, and our team's expert skill. 

No matter the style, the shape of the room or your location in Scotland, wallpaper can completely transform a space, so it's worth doing right. With our help, you can maximise the impact your chosen product has and create a gorgeous paper finish, so if you're thinking of updating your walls, get in touch.

If you're looking for more than new wallpaper to give your home a new look, we also offer a range of professional painting and decorating services. So why not give your property some love and attention, refreshing its style, inside and out.

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